2017 Silver News

2017 Silver News - Silver Investment News, Price News and Industry Insights

Silver Set to Soar October 13, 2017

Gold and Silver Reverse October 10, 2017

Silver Typically Soars in September  August 29 , 2017 

Gold, Silver, Copper and Crude Oil Briefing August 28, 2017

The Amount Of Dollars In Existence Relative To The Silver Price Points To Much Higher Prices  August 28,  2017 

Gold & silver put in restricted list to curb rising imports from Korea August 26, 2017

Roller Coaster Ride in the Silver Price Sends Silver Above $17 Per Troy Ounce August 24, 2017

Silver Price Outlook Hinges on How Gold Handles Major Level August 24, 2017

Silver Surging: Price Gains Unleashed August 22, 2017

Silver: So Juicy! August 16, 2017

A sign of a potential Epic Silver Rally? August 15, 2017

5 reasons why you might want to consider silver right now August 14, 2017

Rome built on Spanish silver August 13, 2017

Silver looks like it's setting up for a huge rally August 12, 2017

Silvers shine vs golds glitter August 10, 2017

Chile's Silver Production Down A Stunning 32% August 02, 2017

Gold & Silver Prices at a Critical Juncture, Crude Oil Too August 01, 2017

Silver Investment: Outperformed Gold In This Major Sector August 01, 2017

Silver Prices Dip Ahead of Economic Data; Three-Day Rally in Jeopardy August 01, 2017

Man claims to have found first silver piece minted by the U.S July 31, 2017

Writing with the electron beam: Now in silver July 24, 2017

Silver more bullish than gold 24 July, 2017 

Silver is About to Test the Recent Positive Sentiment 23 July, 2017 

Gold/Silver Shorts Extreme 22 July, 2017 

ETF Topper/Flopper: Silver and Gold Shines; Oil Slides 21 July, 2017 

Perth Mint Bullion Sales Slow in First Half of 2017 14 July, 2017 

Gold prices weak, silver prices even weaker 11 July, 2017 

Lead Silver Explorer Galena Mining to list on the ASX (G1A) July 05, 2017

The Outlook Remains Extremely Bullish on Silver Prices July 04, 2017 

Silver Prices Meet Resistance as U.S. Dollar Stabilizes July 03, 2017 

Silver Prices Bounce Back Amid Dollar Woes June 28, 2017 

Is Silver About To Reverse Its Trajectory? June 27, 2017

Gold, silver trade in red ahead of speech by Fed’s chairwoman; should you buy? June 27, 2017 

Why the Silver Price Is Set to Rebound 33% from Recent Lows June 26, 2017

A Look at the Gold-Silver Ratio in June 2017 June 23, 2017 

Is a short squeeze in silver imminent? June 19, 2017 

Silver Price – Failed Rallies Shift Focus Lower, Gold Below Support June 17, 2017 

Will Gold and Silver Enjoy Some Hammer Time? June 15, 2017

Gold, silver down post US Fed meet outcome June 14, 2017 

Silver Bullion Trust (SVRZF) Seeing Increased Volatility in Session June 13, 2017

Silver Atom Nanoclusters Could Become Efficient Biosensors June 13, 2017 

Expect Silver prices to trade sideways: Sushil Finance 07 June, 2017

A Chart Pattern that Promises of Stunning Movements in Silver Prices 06 June, 2017

Gold and Silver ETF Demand Lacking as Prices Jump, Yuan Leaps vs. Dollar 06 June, 2017

Stars are Aligning for silver 05 June, 2017

Surprise CFTC Announcement 04 June, 2017

How Will Silver Fare if The Market Continues to Boom? 02 June, 2017

Silver and NASDAQ Strength Will Reverse 02 June, 2017

Silver Price Poorly Postured with Gold at 2011 Trend-line 01 June, 2017

What Oil Is Doing to Gold and Silver Now May 31, 2017 

What does the Strong Demand for Gold and Silver Bullion Coins tell us? May 30, 2017 

Silver Price Forecast, Technical Analysis May 30, 2017
Gold trades higher on US political woes, silver down May 18, 2017 

The Gold-Silver Ratio, an Important Indicator for Silver May 17, 2017  

How Silver Could Rally Significantly Over The Coming Months 16 May, 2017 

Hot commodities: The best could be ahead for bouncing oil and silver May 15, 2017  

Solar demand provides much needed spark for silver May 11, 2017  

Global silver output falls for first time in 14 years May 11, 2017  

Speculators Flee Gold And Silver - Is It Time To Buy? May 07, 2017 

Gold and silver prices extended its slide May 06, 2017 

Silver's Losing Streak Makes it Year's Worst-Performing Commodity May 05, 2017  

Buying Mania Will Push Silver Price Much Higher As Dow Jones-Silver Ratio Falls Back Towards 50/1 May 05, 2017 

Gold Bullion $40 Off French Election Peak, Silver 'Hammered' as $1Trn Shifts Debt Ceiling Crisis to Sept May 02, 2017 

Looking For Epic Signs? Enter Silver April 28, 2017  

Why silver may have already peaked for the year April 27, 2017  

An Extended Silver Rally Is Unsustainable April 24, 2017  

Perth Mint Gold and Silver Bullion Sales Split in March April  21, 2017  

Silver Price Forecast: Is Silver Going To Bounce Around In The Next Few Months? April 20, 2017  

Silver poised for bullish run amid signs of a ‘golden cross’ April 19, 2017  

Silver Likely To Rise In A Concentrated Manner April 19, 2017  

Silver prices poised for bullish run — experts April 19, 2017  

Huge Decline In Peru’s Silver Production Suggests Future Supply At Risk April 18, 2017  

Econ 101 -- Silver Market Manipulation April 17, 2017  

Gold, silver end steady on scattered demand April 15, 2017 

Silver On The Brink Of A Bullish Breakout, Despite Ongoing Risks April 15, 2017 

Silver Prices Add 2% in Holiday-Shortened Week April 14, 2017 

President Trump Calls US Dollar “Too Strong,” Silver Gets A Boost April 14, 2017 

Silver Prices Reach Five-Month Highs on Geopolitics, Dollar Slump April 13, 2017 

Gold, silver prices notch third straight session climb April 13, 2017 

Critical Short-Term Silver Price Trend: Put into Perspective April 11, 2017 

Gold, Silver Trade on a Cautious Note April 10, 2017 

Bearish Reversal In Gold Price And Silver Price April 08, 2017 


Silver: Bullish Or Bearish? January 25, 2017  



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